The Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak in 95!25.06.2015

This June the Moscow Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak is 95. Today it is a modern, excellently equipped enterprise producing a whole range of security printed products.
Since the day of its foundation, the factory has occupied a special position in the history of banknote production in Russia. It was the basis enterprise with the help of which the whole printing production system in Russia after the revolution of 1917 was created.
By the beginning of 1941, the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak was the only factory in the USSR producing the state banknotes, security papers, documents of strict accounting.
The team of the factory had to survive the difficulties of the evacuation, organizing the work in Krasnokamsk during the war, the manufacturing recovery in Moscow already in 1942, when there remained only 90 machines and 160 people at the factory after the evacuation. However, the preparation to the post-war currency reform of 1947 started already in three years.
It would have been impossible to overcome such difficulties without the main treasure of the factory’s team – great specialists, worthy followers of the traditions born at the Expedition of Storing State Papers. Today the professionalism of the employees is still the main content of the success of the factory where the century-old traditions are united with the most cutting-edge technologies enabling the enterprise to manufacture unique products for the Russian Federation and foreign countries using the unique equipment.
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