The 100th anniversary of birth of Academician V.N. Chelomey 27.06.2014

Under the order of the Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" the Moscow Printing Factory has printed the 100th anniversary of birth of V.N. Chelomey (1914 1984), a scientist postage stamp for the 100th jubilee of birth of Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey, an Academician, twice a Hero of Socialist Labour, a scientist in the field of mechanics.

Vladimir Nikolaevich was one of the Soviet nuclear shield creators, he took part in developing a number of engines and other important objects of the rocket, cosmic and aviation engineering. Proton carrier rockets, Proton and Poliot artificial Earth satellites, orbital stations of the Almaz series were developed under his supervision.

A portrait of V.N. Chelomey and the Proton carrier rocket of the heavy class developed by Vladimir Nikolaevich and intended for carrying automatic space vehicles to the orbit of the Earth are depicted on the stamp; the dates 1914 1984 are in the top left-hand corner.

The postage stamp has been printed on chalk-coated gummed paper. Such paper is intended for printing postage stamps using the offset printing method. The stamps were produced in sheets of 15 stamps with coloured margins. They were offset-printed in 4 inks. The design author is A. Povarikhin. The stamp size along the perforation line is 30 x 42 mm, the sheet size is 142 x 166 mm, the face value of the stamp is 15 roubles. The stamp was issued in the number of 420 thousand pieces.

An envelope of the first day with cancellation (Moscow) has also been prepared for the issue.

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