Social responsibility

1857 specialists of the unique professions of Goznak are employed at the Moscow Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak.

Programs providing social security of every employee of the Factory are realized within the framework of the Collective Agreement concluded by the enterprise and the employer.

Voluntary medical insurance, accident insurance and a set of social benefits and compensations are guaranteed to the employees of the Factory within the framework of the Collective Agreement.

Since 2003 Goznak has been realizing the program of non-state pension insurance. Among others, 551 former employees of the Moscow Printing Factory receive the non-state pension. 72 of them started to receive it in 2013, and 26 former employees of the Moscow Printing Factory – since the beginning of 2014.

An inexpensive canteen operates at the Factory. The medical sanitary station of the Moscow Printing Factory is equipped with modern medical facilities; its doctors provide highly qualified medical aid to the workers of the team. Besides, according to the agreement of voluntary medical insurance (RESO-Guarantia) the Factory employees have an opportunity to take a course of treatment at other medical institutions of Moscow.

The employees of the Moscow Printing Factory have a decent level of salary, stability and an opportunity of all-round development and a successful career.

The program of development of sports infrastructure and involvement of the employees and the members of their families in physical training and sports operates at the Factory just like at all Branches of Goznak.

A Spartakiade consisting of 5 – 7 competitions in darts, table tennis, shooting, swimming, bowling, chess, mini-football, is held at the Factory every year. The employees of the Moscow Printing Factory have an opportunity to go to the swimming pool.

Compensation of the price of vouchers for sanatory and health-improving recreation of children of the employees of the Factory is carried out.

The Trade Union not only defends the rights and interests of the Branch employees but also organizes various events – thematic photo exhibitions, exhibitions of creative works of the employees of Goznak, purchasing New Year gifts and tickets to New Year performances for the children and grandchildren of the trade union members, excursions to the Golden Ring of Russia, collective visits to theaters, corporate events.

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