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Within the framework of the publishing activity of Joint Stock Company “Goznak”, a collection of works of the Great Russian poet and writer Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin in five volumes was published.

It is a unique project with no analogues in the Russian book market. It revived the tradition of highly artistic prerevolutionary editions of the famous Expedition of Storing State Papers; many of them are included into the priceless fund of cultural artifacts of Russia.

Every volume may be considered a printing art masterpiece and demonstrates opportunities of Goznak’s equipment and virtuosity of hereditary artists and printers.

Hand binding is combined of natural leather and paper coloured to match the tone of leather, with a printed pattern. The corners are rounded in a special way manually with the application of the unique technology of leather edge paring and trimming. On the front side of the binding, there is pressing with golden foil and a topical gravure on a brass plate. The brass plates are manufactured exclusively – with the method of composite etching using manual gravure processing. The rounded spine is decorated with bands and golden foil pressing. Every volume was cut and toned manually. Gilding of the fifth volume was carried out using a manual machine.

Sewing with kapron thread adds strength to the book block. A silk ribbon marker matching the footband in color is fixed to the top part of the spine.

The flyleaf (front and back) printed with two inks, each with its own theme.

Intaglio and offset printing was used in the creation of books. The intaglio printing method is very rare for book printing. It is used in the production of very important documents with a high degree of security, as well as currency units; it helps to receive relief images. Every volume has a frontispiece with a portrait of Alexander Pushkin made by Thomas Wright, an artist and engraver, in the 19th century manually.

In the fifth volume, 3-ink stroke intaglio printing applied to a raster offset image (Page 3, Page 117) is used in two inserts. Cutting of the fifth volume was made with gilding on a manual machine.

The artists painted illustrations specially for the works and preserving the general style unity. The originality of the whole project is emphasized in a special way invented for colorful presentation of the illustrations – in the first volume, the drawings were printed with one ink, in the second – with two (black and deep red were chosen), in the third and the fourth ones – with three inks (black, deep red and grey), and in the fifth volume – in four inks. The zest of the inner artistic design is the book margins printed with topical illustrations. A separate composition was developed for every work. It is supplemented with a watermark in the shape of Pushkin’s portrait. Moreover, it is on every page!

Paper for the project was specially made at the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill – Branch of Goznak.

Every book has its own number and the manufacturer’s certificate; it is packed into a presentation case.

There is no doubt that the project will remain in the history of the Russian book publishing. Its volumes are already preserved at the museum of the Moscow State University of Printing as the best samples of the Russian printing.

The following volumes were published within the framework of the collection of works:


The first volume of the collection of works by Alexander Pushkin “Evgeny Onegin” received the “Book of the Year” prize in “Printed in Russia” category at the 22nd Moscow International Book Exhibition and Fair. The second volume (“Prose”) of the collection of works received an award in “Printed in Russia” category at the Fourth International Competition of the Commonwealth of Independent States in September, 2010.

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