The best financial journalists from the regions of Russia have visited Goznak 03.12.2018

At the end of November, Goznak opened the doors of its two branches for the winners of the Financial Literacy competition of journalists works of the regional mass media of the Bank of Russia.

More than 30 journalists from the Russian regions in the company of representatives of the Bank of Russia visited the Moscow Mint and the Moscow Printing Factory Branches of Goznak.  

The competition winners saw the new automated production of banknotes and coins with their own eyes and could evaluate how complicated the processes of coin minting and banknote printing are.

The representatives of television and radio companies, newspapers and magazines as well as internet media toured the technological lines of subsidiary coins production and packing, watched the process of minting commemorative and investment coins, and visited a tampon printing section where they saw how colored images are applied to the New Year souvenir products. Konstantin Krokhmal, Director, Andrey Ivantsov, Deputy Director of Production and Sergey Boev, Head Technologist of the Moscow Mint showed the coin production to the journalists.    

Valentina Yushina, Deputy Director of the Moscow Printing Factory and Stanislav Lapshin, Head Technologist of the Moscow Printing Factory showed the main workshops where the banknotes are printed and packed and explained the production processes.

During the process of banknote production, the representatives of mass media were impressed with the immenseness and technological complexity of the printing equipment, the quality control system and the printers working places equipped with special monitors and devices for controlling the quality of security features. Moreover, they saw with their own eyes how strict Goznaks control is, not only at the production sites, but also in respect of visitors to Goznak. Everybody passes restricted access control regardless of his organization, company or occupation.

The trip to Goznak finished with a visit to the Storage Fund of the History of Money Museum Exhibition Complex of Goznak; its main public territory is located in the Peter and Paul Fortress of Saint Petersburg, and in Moscow there is a small specialized sector. The employees of the Exhibition Complex conducted an excursion, told about the unique bicentennial history of Goznak and demonstrated products manufactured during these years and marking historical epochs in the countrys life.

On their return to Vladivostok and Ufa, Magadan and Nizhniy Novgorod, Murmansk and Bryansk, Syktyvkar, Omsk and Belgorod, the journalists will continue their awareness-raising work by increasing the financial literacy of the population and describing the high-security Russian banknotes and coins now based on their personal impressions
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