Joint Stock Company Goznak is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the companys foundation04.09.2018

In 1818, on September 4 (August 21 Old Style) in Saint-Petersburg the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded by the Decree of Emperor Alexander I and on the proposition of the Minister of Finance Duke D.A. Guriev. The enterprise was under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. Thus, the foundation of manufacturing the first fully featured Russian paper money and papers with high security degrees for the national needs was laid.
An outstanding Russian engineer of the Spanish origin Augustine de Betancourt projected and later built a new enterprise and laid the basis of its future prosperity. From the very start of its existence, the Expedition united all stages of money production from sheet formation till its design development and further printing. This outstanding novelty of organizing the operation of similar enterprises of the time makes Goznak competitive today, two centuries after its foundation.
The Expedition soon grew into a progressive enterprise of the time and became the best enterprise in the paper and printing production in Russia of the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. Many outstanding scientists, inventors, engineers and artists contributed their talent and labor to the development and prosperity of the Expedition of Storing State Papers.
In 1839, an outstanding Russian natural philosopher and electrician B.S. Jakobi announced the invention of electrotype, in a year he created the first in the world electrotype workshop for copying copper clichés at the Expedition. In 1863, the Expedition invited a great artist and photographer G.I. Skamoni from Germany. He soon became the head master of the photographic arts and geliogravure and kept the occupation for almost thirty years. Among Skamonis inventions there is a verifying device the first device for detecting counterfeited banknotes in history.
In 1896 at the Imperial Russian Technical Society I.I. Orlov, an engineer of the Expedition made a report about the invention of multi-ink printing, the so-called Orlovs ink distribution. The invention, just like other technical solutions offered and realized by the specialists of the Expedition still affects the technology of banknote production and is still applied in security printing all over the world.
Since 1919, the Expedition of Storing State Papers has been called Goznak, which is well-known and enjoys well-deserved recognition in Russia and abroad.
It is easy to see that since the moment of foundation and till now the history of the Expedition of Storing State Papers and Goznak has not been interrupted for a day in either the legal sense or the human dimension, which is not less important. During the Great Patriotic war, the Leningrad Mint and Paper Mill, as well as the Moscow Printing Factory were evacuated to Krasnokamsk. In the difficult conditions of the wartime, Goznak continued its work and supplied products for the front and the rear.
The technical and artistic schools of Goznak providing the continuity of its work, constant development and technical perfection have been created with efforts of many scientists, artists, engineers and organizers. Today Joint Stock Company Goznak is the leader of the Russian market of security technologies and solutions. It is a dynamically developing company successfully competing on the world market. The company is one of the five leading companies producing banknote and security products, coins and state awards in the world. Goznak is one of the strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation. It has always faced tasks of special national importance.
Goznak incorporates eight enterprises branches: the Moscow Printing Factory, the Perm Printing Factory, the Moscow Printing Works, the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill, the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill, the Moscow Mint, the Saint Petersburg Mint, the Scientific Research Institute.
Since the moment of foundation of the Expedition of Storing State Papers, it history has been inextricably intertwined with the history of the country. Since then, there has not been an important event in Russia not reflected in the products of the Expedition of Storing State Papers, and later Goznak. Banknotes, coins, documents, security papers, state awards, postage and excise stamps, commemorative coins and medals are material evidence of the history of the state, its culture, development level, its values and achievements.
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