A souvenir sheet to commemorate Goznaks 200th anniversary04.09.2018

On September 4, an artistic souvenir sheet dedicated to the 200th anniversary of foundation of Joint Stock Company Goznak was put into postal circulation. In addition to the issue of the souvenir sheet, JSC Marka produced the first day envelopes and the first day puncheons for Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as an artistic cover with the souvenir sheet with numbering, additional design elements and security levels inside.
The festive cancellation procedure of the first day of the souvenir sheet took place on September 4, on the day of the bicentenary jubilee since the date of foundation of Goznak, in one of the most beautiful and famous buildings of Moscow the Pashkov House.
Head of the Federal Communications Agency Oleg Dukhovnitskiy, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov and General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk took place in the first day cancellation ceremony.
Anton Siluanov read to the guests congratulations of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the team and veterans of Goznak and congratulated Goznaks workers with the jubilee.
Oleg Dukhovnitskiy noted the importance of the event on the whole and the uniqueness of the souvenir sheet, I am sure that the issue of such souvenir sheets will become a valuable present not only for philatelists, but for all the people of Russia too. These unique pieces will preserve the memory of todays event forever and become a rarity among collectors all over the world.
The souvenir sheet features The Expedition of Storing State Papers at the beginning of the 20th century gravure by artist Arnold Baldinger and the jubilee logo specially designed for the companys 200th anniversary.
The souvenir sheet with the face value of 200 roubles was printed in the number of 56 thousand pieces. 45 thousand of them are of the standard edition and 11 thousand of the special edition. The souvenir sheet was printed on stamp chalk-coated paper using offset and intaglio printing methods at the Moscow Printing Factory Branch of Goznak.
Alexander Moskovets, an artist of JSC Marka, was the author of the sketch of the souvenir sheet. The intaglio gravure for printing was made by Alexey Grekov, an engraver of printing plates of the Moscow Printing Factory Branch of Goznak. The souvenir sheets of the special edition have individual five-digit numbering printed with security ink. The sheet was offset-printed with seven inks and intaglio-printed with three inks, two of which are special and blind embossing.
The souvenir sheet of the standard edition were offset-printed with six inks, intaglio-printed with two special inks with blind embossing.
In the set of security features of the standard and special editions of the souvenir sheets there are security elements like HMC element, guilloche grids, elements printed with UV-luminescent colourless ink. In the set of security features of the special edition, there also are guilloche grid and a border with iris transition. There are also differences in the execution of the intaglio-printed artistic composition elements.

A souvenir sheet dedicated to Goznaks jubilee reminds of the fact that the production of postage stamps and later on artistic stamps too, has occupied an important place in the activity of the Expedition of Storing State Papers since the very beginning.
It was here that stamps, forms of open letters and envelopes were designed and printed, and in 1857 the first all-Russian postage stamp was produced. Stamps were printed on special paper with watermarks. Franz Michel Kepler, an engraver of the Expedition of Storing State Papers, was the author of the sketch of the first Russian stamp.
Stamps printed at Goznak have received prestigious awards of international philatelic competitions many times. Stamps printed at the enterprises of Goznak with the application of intaglio printing method as well as modern and traditional printing methods often become philatelic rarity on the day of issue.
The souvenir sheet dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Goznak will also become a valuable present for philatelists and occupy a worthy place in the state and private collections.

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