A jubilee press tour to the Moscow Branches of Goznak06.09.2018

On the occasion of its 200th anniversary, Joint Stock Company Goznak organized a press tour to its two branches the Moscow Printing Works and the Moscow Mint. The enterprises have played an important part in the history of the country and are the technological leaders of the Russian industry today.

In 1818, under the order of Emperor Alexander I, for the execution of an important state task the production of assignations and all other papers with the state coat of arms, with a short resolution So be it, one of the oldest enterprises of Russia the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded. Thus, a scratch of the pen laid the foundation of the history of Goznak (the Expedition of Storing State Papers until 1919) that has been closely intertwined with the destiny of Russia over the course of 200 years.

Thanks to creating the Expedition, all the stages of money production were united into a unitary production process. Building the Expedition was tasked to an outstanding engineer and architect Augustine Betancourt who developed the concept of the enterprise and supervised the construction of the Expeditions buildings.

Goznak has preserved and multiplied the best traditions of the Expedition of Storing State Papers. Today the company carries out the full cycle of works connected with the issue and circulation organization of security products and successfully competes on the Russian and international markets.

The Moscow Printing Works of Goznak where the jubilee press tour started, was founded in 1946 for the execution of an important state order carrying out the currency reform of 1947. Orlovs and intaglio printing machines necessary for the production of currency units were located in the production area of the former printing and publishing integrated works of the Central administrative authority of geodesy and cartography.

Today the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak has production capacities providing security of documents and information with the help of innovative technological developments and solutions.

The Data Processing Center of Goznak realized on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works has modern engineering and IT infrastructure allowing to provide services of locating outer state information systems in technology areas, long-term and guaranteed storing of electronic documents and information as well as IT services.

During the press tour, the journalists visited the department of final processing of excise and special stamps and watched a fully automated process of personalization of biometric travel passports for the citizens of Russia at the section of personalization of biometric travel passports of the Document Personalization Center; they also visited the Data Processing Center operating on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works Branch of Goznak; large state and commercial organizations command its services.

Due to the fact that the demand for data storing and processing services is growing, in 2018 Goznak has started creating another Data Processing Center on the basis of the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill, with the projected capacity of up to 470 racks.

The press tour continued at the Moscow Mint of Goznak founded in 1942 in aid to the Leningrad Mint evacuated to Krasnokamsk and finding it hard to cope with the production of war decorations, orders and medals. The Moscow branch of the mint swung into action upon these orders. At the mint in Krasnokamsk, they developed the technologies, prepared the tools and passed them to the colleagues in Moscow. The mint started working in a small workshop within the territory of the Moscow Printing Factory; now the Moscow Mint Branch of Goznak is located in a modern and spacious building. Cutting-edge equipment was applied during the recent modernization of the mint; it allowed to improve the productivity, increase the export of coins, improve their minting quality and introduce automation into the packing system.

At the Moscow Mint, the journalists visited the refurbished workshop of subsidiary coin minting automated lines of loading coin blanks and unloading minted coins, the section of packing subsidiary coins automated lines of coin counting and packing, production lines where the Russian coins and coins under the orders of foreign countries are struck.

Thus, in 2016 after completing the first stage of the large-scale reconstruction of the Moscow Mint, besides minting subsidiary coins under the order of the Bank of Russia, struck 262 million coins, and in 2017 146 million of coins under the order of foreign central banks.

Today, after the completion of the production reconstruction and automation, the Moscow Mint has received new production and technological opportunities for carrying out large-scale and interesting orders of both the Bank of Russia and the central banks of foreign countries.

After the press tour all the participants received memorable gifts the jubilee promotional banknote 200 years of Goznak and jubilee tokens created under the unique Russian technology of the type of a bicoloured coin of "Plamet composite material and metal.
Both the promotional banknote and the tokens feature portraits of people who made great contributions into the development of the Expedition of Storing State Papers and Goznak Augustine Betancourt, Jakob Reichel, Boris Golitsyn, Ivan Orlov, Boris Jacobi, Ivan Bilibin.

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