Love and loyalty forever 12.07.2019

Family value sustenance is an important aspect of Goznaks corporate culture. This year, 18 couples employed at the enterprise received medals For love and loyalty on the eve of celebrating the Russian Family Day.  

The matrimonial age of the awarded families of Goznak exceeds a quarter of a century. They have brought up and educated children, and are now helping to raise grandchildren. Their family lives are an example for young couples who are only making the first joint steps in marriage.  

Representatives of ten families from the Directorate and the Moscow Branches of Goznak received medals For love and loyalty. In the solemn ceremony, the General Director Arkady Trachuk gave the awards and Certificates of Merit to Alexander and Tatiana Timakovs (the Directorate of Goznak), Alexander and Irina Klimentievs, Viacheslav and Olga Milovidovs (the Scientific Research Institute), Vladimir and Larisa Khomyakovs, Sergey and Elena Zverevs, Alexey and Irina Konovalovs (the Moscow Printing Factory), Yuri and Larisa Smirnovs, Victor and Nadezhda Titovs (the Moscow Printing Works), Valery and Olga Artamonovs as well as Alexander and Lyudmila Dinakovs (the Moscow Mint).  

Many of the awarded families had founded their own labor dynasties. For example, the older generation of the Timakov family work at the Directorate, and the younger at the Moscow Printing Factory; all of the Konovalov family work at the Moscow Printing Factory their daughter Ekaterina works here together with her parents.    

On July 5, the families of the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill Branch of Goznak received the awards. Families of Alexander and Nadezhda Matyushenko, Alexander and Nina Starikovs, Alexey and Elena Pakhachevs received medals For love and loyalty.  After a few dozens of years of marriage, they have managed to preserve love, trust and mutual respect in their relations. 2019 is a jubilee year for the Starikovs (30 years) and Pakhachevs (35 years).  

The families of Nikolay and Lyudmila Krasilnikovs as well as Sergey and Valentina Golubtsovs were awarded with the medals at the Perm Printing Factory. Both the couples are approaching the 40th anniversary of marriage the Krasilnikovs have been married for 37 years, and the Golubtsovs for 35. Hand in hand, in joy and sorrow, helping and supporting each other, they have passed these years together bearing the honorable title of model families.

Families of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill also received the commemorative medals. The solemn ceremony took place on the Day of Saint Peter of Fevronia on July 8. Andrey and Olga Sinyaevs, as well as Igor and Tatiana Kodochigovs were awarded. It is a jubilee year for the Kodochigovs they got married 25 years ago.  

One couple from the Saint Petersburg Mint received an award for love and loyalty. They were Igor and Nina Sadovys. Their employment duration is 50 years. Both the employees received many awards during those years, and their portraits often decorate the recognition boards of the enterprise.  

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