We remember, celebrate and honor08.05.2020

Those words are written on a promotional banknote issued by Goznak and dedicated to the most important event of 2020 – the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war. With its issue Goznak honored the memory of the dead and paid its respects to those who drew near the great day of liberating the world from fascism never sparing themselves both at the front and in the rear.

The promotional banknote was designed by the artists of the Moscow Printing Factory – Branch of Joint Stock Company “Goznak”. The product was printed at the Moscow Printing Factory too.

On the banknote the artists depicted a smiling soldier of the Red Army hugging a child – a symbol of a warrior liberator from fascism; there are flowers in their hands – a symbol of respect and gratitude. In the background, a historical monument has been registered – soldiers Egorov and Kantaria hoisting the standard on the roof of Reichstag. On the backside of the banknote, the Immortal Regiment is shown; it chimes with the images of white cranes in the sky – a symbol of soldiers who died in the war eternalized in the famous song by Mark Bernes.

The banknote demonstrates wide technological opportunities of Goznak and complete mastery of the traditional methods of security printing and watermark production. The main image on the front side is carried out in the classic gravure technique and intaglio printed. Thanks to a modern HMC (Hidden Multi Color) security feature used in the set of security features of the banknote, an interesting visual effect “vivifying” the poppy flower is observed with the change of the viewing angle.

The security elements of the banknote have been developed at Goznak. Paper with a local multi-toned watermark combined with a filigree watermark was produced at the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill – Branch of Goznak.

According to Alexander Mochalov, a line manager of the New Technology Development Direction of the Directorate of New Product Development of Goznak, today all the Russian banknotes of medium and high face values feature watermarks obtained by combining multi-toned and filigree watermarks or by applying complicated multi-level filigrees making it possible to receive a multi-toned watermark with contrasting light and dark areas matching each other.   

In order to obtain a multi-colored image in offset printing, special rasters consisting of tiny letters and symbols, Orlov’s effect and iris color transitions on the image without rasterizing were applied. The application of colorless UV luminescent inks provided an opportunity to depict the colorful festive fireworks above the Moscow Kremlin observed with the help of a UV light source. The application of metameric IR-absorbing inks as a standard solution in the field of security printing has made it possible to create a unique IR-image of the banknote.



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