A stamp with overprinting has seen the light 09.08.2021

A stamp with overprinting dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the first prolonged manned space flight has been put into the postal circulation.

The stamp was printed at the Moscow Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak in 2001. Issued in 2001, the stamp was called “The 40th anniversary of the first prolonged manned space flight” and was printed on a sheetlet with a coupon and margins in the number of 85 thousand sheets. Each sheet contained six stamps.   

The image of the 2001 stamp is provided by the Exhibition Complex of  Goznak.

“The stamp was offset-printed with five inks on chalk-coated paper”, - The Deputy Head Technologist of the Moscow Printing Factory Elena Mishina said. “The stamp image and the margin design was printed with four triad inks, and the inscription on the stamp was made with the red pantone”.  

The stamps features a portrait of the pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR German Titov (1935 – 2000) against the background of the spacecraft window. On August 6-7, 1961, German Titov, a soviet cosmonaut, accomplished the first daylong space flight on “Vostok-2” spaceship and became the second cosmonaut in history.

The space flight lasted 25 hours 18 minutes.    20 years after its issue in 2001, the stamp was put into the postal circulation again, now as a philatelist rarity with overprinting.

Image courtesy of JSC "Marka"

The new face value on the stamp and an inscription “60 years of the first prolonged manned space flight” on the sheetlet are overprinted. The stamp size is 42x30 mm, the sheetlet size is 130x135 mm.

The form of issuance is a sheetlet with formed margins of six stamps.

The print run is 42 thousand stamps (7 thousand sheets).   The sheetlet with overprinting is sold as part of an artistic binding.
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